These workshops are designed for anyone that is looking to understand more about the life we are all experiencing and the nature of where we fit in to all this. 

Ultimately it is about turning fear based emotions, that traditionally keep us all captive within the meaning we attach to them, into rocket fuel that can propel our lives into a a more advanced expression of life.

Essential reading

All participants will receive a copy of The Insanity of Humanity. Reading this book is essential in the journey of understanding self and life.

The book will be supplied in the first workshop and it is suggested that the book is finished before the second workshop.

To download the introduction go to 'The Book'.


Pricing and structure

Each workshop will run for approximately 3 to 4 hours max and cost $40 each with a commitment to 10 consecutive workshops.

The exact topics explored will be determined by the nature of the group and the individuals within it. Overall you will leave the workshops with a deeper and more empowered connection to life. 

What to bring

Bring openness, commitment, willingness, excitement and a preparedness to share, grow and learn. 

I would suggest bringing a notepad and pen which can be used for taking notes in the workshops, exploring life in-between workshops and writing down any questions to bring each week.