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take a seat, It's time to get real


take a seat, It's time to get real

Let's get started


Let's get started

I am your wake up call...

WELCOME TO a unique, EFFECTIVE AND LIFE CHANGING world of guidance

with empathy and compassion at the forefront of this journey

So what is it I have to offer?

The Human Brain

is not the issue, the "thing" that needs fixing. 

It is the energy that guides it that determines how you experience life.




Fear is the existing mode that we function in and creates all psychological disorders, all feelings of disappear, inadequacy, in fact every insecurity that manifests into our lives. This can't be fixed as such but one can learn to function utilising their mind in a conscious way, and in that space you are free of self employed limitations and are hence free to feel the entirety of life. 

So I have the ability to take your existence from where ever it is at, and expand your reality so you can feel and understand more about life, and hence ignite the journey of unleashing you for real, beyond the constraints of fear.

What makes my services different from most counsellors, psychologists or spiritual teachers? 

Firstly, and most importantly, there is no separation between me and my techniques/approach. They are self created and not a regurgitation or enhancement of someone else's ideas - like the commonly used Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Psychology, or Living in the Now from more spiritual teachings. My abilities are innate as opposed to learnt - so every thing I share within my guidance is always in congruence with but not reliant upon my knowledge. It is always creative, inspiring and progressive, and is a complete life transformation journey that will open your mind to ways of being that you never knew existed. You will be educated on ever facet of human life and the societies we create. This is a one stop shop for developing true internal fortitude and strength. It will open the door to emotional freedom and the unleashing of your innate purpose.

What techniques are used?

 My counselling is founded on Life Expansion Technique. I developed LIFE EXPANSION TECHNIQUE(L.E.T.) over the last 14 years and it is for any human being that is looking to grow and find a more powerful and confident expression of their lives. L.E.T. is effective for anyone and it is not just for people with Psychological disorders. My teachings re the functioning of the human mind are also explained in my book The Insanity of Humanity, which clearly explains the limitations and destructive outcomes of our current modes of thought, and the insanity of continuing to maintain them.

What can I expect from this?

With patience you will be empowered forever, as I will help you create a self sustained journey of strength, confidence, mind expansion and free flowing emotional expression. Although there is no easy way to truly wake up and emerge into this world, it can be done with dedication and delicate guidance on my part. 


do I do what I do?

because I care. because people are suffering unnecessarily. because change is possible.

The older I get the more obvious it is becoming that human beings in the main are genuinely lost and unable to see the truth of life and themselves within that - and this situation is worsening not improving. They are psychologically slipping, fear is taking over their lives, and hence they are either lunging at quick fix solutions, or avoiding facing life at all - and the planet and all other species we share life with are bearing the brunt of this misguided pain.

So I have devoted my life to finding real ways to grow beyond the current trend in human functioning, so we can become leaders of a more intelligent, compassionate and aware world. in amongst running a radio show, giving talks, holding workshops and writing books, I individually help people to be a warrior of truth and compassion, as this is what the world needs, and what every individual needs to be free...

Sound interesting?

then keep exploring with me as there is much more to discover, learn and create.

Walk towards the truth, discover you and leave your fears behind.


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