Session enquiries CONTACT FORM

Please OPEN the form and read carefully

Welcome to the session enquiries form. It represents the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in your life. To even get to this stage means you are taking charge of your journey, and to seek assistance is an expression of strength, not weakness. 

Once you have completed the form, simply press the SEND button and let the voyage begin.

Pricing information

Initial Session:

This is still a full session and is your opportunity to experience what it is I have to offer at a 50% reduced price.

INITIAL: $60 AUD for 60 min (please note that only 1 session is available at this price, and that applies to Skype, In person & Telephone sessions)  

ongoing SESSIONS: 

Ongoing sessions for Skype & In person are priced as follows;

STANDARD: $120 for 60 min 

EXTENDED: $150 for 90/120min (including emails and short calls between sessions - this is excellent value for people looking to really get on this journey of understanding life and building strength within it)

Telephone sessions:

Phone sessions are less expensive as they afford much greater ease and flexibility my end -  I would recommend at least one initial Skype/In person session, and then a Skype/In person session every month or so if needed. 

              PHONE ONLY: $80 for 60 min

payment & Exchange rates:

Session fees are based on AUD(Australian dollar). For international clients please use the AUD to work out session price exchange rates - this is usually worked out in PayPal - please email me for more information on how to pay for sessions. 

All proceeds go towards the ongoing creation of an aware, compassionate, and intelligent world for all to share and grow into - I have many important projects in development.


I am very flexible re cancellations, however, although I understand that life throws many unexpected things our way, I do appreciate as much advanced notice as possible. Be aware that your cancellation can disrupt my life and also my ability to help another person within that time frame.

Useful tips on session PREPARATION and using skype:

  • If you book a session please make this your priority to see it through and be ready on time - my advice is to be ready to start at least 10 minutes prior to the session - which means making sure that your computer/device is working, that the computer has no auto updates ready, that your internet is working, that Skype is working, and that you have plenty of data - please don't wait until the starting time to check all this. Having a back up device such as an iPhone or iPad with Skype installed is also highly recommended.

  • Find a quiet and private location and tell others not to enter the room if possible.

  • Have someone else look after pets and/or children during session if possible.

  • Have a pen and paper handy, or have a device to take notes.

  • Come prepared with any questions or issues written down prior to the session - this helps create motion.

  • Place the device/camera at eye level - even higher than normal desk level and have the top of your head at the top of the screen.

  • Use a lot of light - it works well to place a desk lamp raised behind the chosen device, or be facing a window - this will help to illuminate your face so I can see your eyes and expression of emotions.

  • Use a decent microphone other than what the device has if necessay - a computer headset/mic setup, or even the earphones that come with your phone works very well. Check computer/device settings are correct re audio input.

  • Whatever setup you use - I highly recommend that you do a trial Skype test run with a friend taking all these issues into account.

  • The more you give to this shared journey with me the more I can give back, and hence the value to you will be enhanced. And most importantly... relax & enjoy!

The journey to reclaiming your life starts here.
A life not explored is a life not lived. Let the adventure begin. See you soon!
— David Coles



Compassion is the new intelligence and wisdom is the new currency.
— David Coles