Who is David Coles?

I have been professionally helping people ignite their lives since 1999. 

In this time I have personally developed an extremely effective and life transforming process of learning that I personally guarantee and rest my reputation on. I have also written a book, which when read in conjunction with my life exploration sessions, creates an extremely powerful combination.

Most importantly, there is no separation between me and my techniques/approach. They are self-created and not a regurgitation or enhancement of someone else's ideas. My abilities are innate and developed to a high level of expertise - so everything I share within my guidance is always in congruence with but not reliant upon my knowledge. It is always creative, inspiring and progressive, and is a complete life transformation journey that will open your mind to ways of being that you never knew existed. You will be educated on ever facet of human life and the societies we create. This is a one-stop shop for developing true internal fortitude and strength. It will open the door to emotional freedom and the unleashing of your innate purpose.

The space we will journey to together is not 'my' space, but rather an unedited space that we can all flourish in, an undiscovered realm of life that can be found by taking off into outer reaches of the human mind... so come and join me on the greatest adventure available to humankind.

What is unedited space?

In brief... a state of complete honesty, which is divergent from our existing and default mode of functioning.

In an unedited space, you do not need to edit life's information as you become emotionally empowered and are therefore able to feel and face the truth of life... the truth of you. And in this space, there is nothing to defend only a life to be explored.

To create this space I utilise Life Expansion Technique. It is a revolutionary and awakening process of learning that expands people's existing realm of thought, hence allowing for a greater ability to think, feel and handle life’s challenges. It teaches people how to live in a permanently expansive state, where they are constantly absorbing new wisdom and awareness. People then learn how to exist without rigid belief structures that require enormous amounts of mental and emotional energy to maintain. Instead, emotions are used to fuel your journey rather than something to find meaning in. The result of all this is that consciousness is pushed forward to such a degree that the truth is easy to see and comprehend, hence removing fears power over ones life. So step out of the trap of an unaware conceptual space, and explore life in an unedited space .

Once empowered you will be in a united state of mental and emotional strength. In that state you can enjoy being who and what you are, with honesty, fortitude and empathy at the core of this unique expression of life. It is a state of being that can truly help inspire the world,  just by you being you! So in my sessions, you will learn how to embrace life and confidently express your individuality - and it is not as hard as you may think.

who do I help?

I help anyone that is ready to look at the truth of life and the truth of themselves. Every single person on this planet can expand their awareness from wherever they are at in their life's journey. No one is beyond improvement and the journey to a more advanced state of existence is ready and waiting for you.

To be very clear, I DO NOT fix people so they can fit back into the existing systems we have created so far, that would require me to perpetuate insanity - it is these systems that are controlling us and creating most of the psychological conditions that disable and repress our lives. I help people and humanity grow beyond all of this into a new language of life. So if you are ready for a real change from within, and have had enough of watching humanity destroy itself and life on earth, then I am definitely the right person for you.

Please note, if you have been diagnosed by a mental health professional with anxiety, depression, OCD, personality disorders, or anything for that matter, don't be concerned, as functioning in an unedited space will dissolve such issues and free your life towards an empowered state.

Where are the sessions held?

Although I am based in Australia, I conduct sessions with clients from all over the globe, including Australia, the United Kingdom, Italy, the United States of America, and Canada. Most sessions are conducted on Skype, telephone, and if possible face to face. So in the main, it will require you to have a smart/mobile phone, home phone, tablet, or a computer. These technologies are very effective for exploring life and allow you to talk from the convenience of your own home, office or wherever you like.... and the way to get started is to see how you feel by taking the step towards having an initial session which is discounted from normal session pricing. 

Why make the step to have a session?

To not embrace this opportunity would be an act of sabotage to one's very own existence. This is not a school of learning that has competitors or alternatives to choose from. It is a unique and revolutionary approach to life that has a 100% success rate if embraced without resistance. Pursuing this pathway of life expansion could be the key to igniting your life and awakening your soul into an advanced and connected state of being - so you can be more than the person you have always dreamed of, you’ll be you, the only person you could have ever been. Then you will be able to live with confidence and peace in your heart, which will in no way diminish your empathy towards the life of others, in fact, it will enhance it, but without the burden of fear. I encourage anyone to reach out and make life happen for themselves. Living in an unedited space is not just a theory, but a real life journey of empowerment that I guarantee works and I confidently rest my reputation on it.